Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Walking Update

Okay, so the other day I talked about a goal to start moving. Walking, to be specific. With my back issues, it's probably the best exercise that I can do right now. So the update is ... great news!

Steve and I took a walk Sunday afternoon. It was a leisurely, gentle pace that worked for me and my back. Steve is so great when it comes to that kind of thing; am I lucky, or what? Anyway, I digress...

Okay, so Monday (yesterday) I walked during lunch, for about 12 minutes, just around the parking lot and, again, a slow, steady pace. My back was protesting by the time I finished, so I didn't push it.

Today, I did it again! Woo hoo! (You may be rolling your eyes about now, but this is a big deal for me!) Again, I walked during my lunch break, and for 20 minutes. And guess what? My back is feeling a little better!

I feel a real sense of accomplishment about all this. I'm a little concerned, because I really want to keep this up, but rain is in the forecast, starting tonight I think, and for the next several days. I don't want it to stop my good start, but I'm not too sure what to do about it. We have an exercise bike at home that has the handlebars that move back and forward while you ride. It's not nearly as easy on my back, but I may try it at a slow, steady pace for a few minutes, anyway, if I can't walk tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm really trying to be accountable, and I'll report back in a few days about my progress.


Vikki said...

Wooo hooo you go girl! No eye rolling here, I think it's great. If it rains, walk inside the building or around your living room at home, even if for just a few minutes, just don't break the habit
Hoo hoo

Patty said...

You're such a great friend! Thank yo for cheering me on.


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