Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Part 3 - photos

So I decided to post a couple pictures relating to what I've written the last couple days.

First, here's one when I was maybe 6 years old, circa 1966.

And here's one from 1987-ish. Weight just keeps going up, and like I said, the pictures just don't lie...I have no idea what I weighed in this picture.


Vikki said...

What a cutie, both pictures actually. But my my having you lost lots of weight. Way to go girl. You've done amazing work getting it off. I hope some day I have before and after pictures like that. Oh yeah, I guess I need some befores...giggle

Patty said...

You are too kind... I know what you mean about lack of befores...but you're right -- you need to have some, so you can post with your "afters".

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