Sunday, April 27, 2008

My weekend

Steve and I are members of a large church in the area. Because it's such a big church, it's important for us to have a "sub-group" that we belong to -- where we know people and people know us. We have that in our Sunday School class. We've made some wonderful friendships and have grown to really value and cherish the relationships we have developed within our class.

Anyway, the ladies of our class had a mother-daughter luncheon yesterday. Those of us who don't have daughters or mothers to take just went anyway...everyone was welcome. I was asked to sing.

A little background -- I've been "musical" pretty much all my life. I majored in music in college and after graduation, taught music at a private Christian school in Northern California for a couple years. I've been Minister of Music in several different churches and have belonged to or led countless singing groups through the years. I love singing and am constantly singing or humming around the house.

So, I chose a song yesterday called "Prayer Warrior". Here are the words to some of it:

You may see her in the grocery with her children
Or in the city nine to five each working day
She's a mother or a teacher or a woman all alone
But she's someone else entirely when she prays

She's a prayer warrior down on her knees
Wrestling with powers and principalities
Standing in the gap for others - for her sisters and her brothers
Reaching heaven with her heart...prayer warrior

It's a song I love, and I think the ladies enjoyed it. Then we had a speaker who spoke about prayer as well (which was cool, because I did not know know the topic she would be speaking on before I chose the song). I love it when things work out like that!

I also took a bunch of my clothes and shoes to a consignment shop yesterday afternoon. I had some very nice things that are just too big, and I hate to throw them out when I need to buy new things and the money from selling them will help.

I'm trying to get motivated this afternoon to get in the kitchen and make some stuff for lunches next week. My energy is still so low, though, and I don't know if I'll get it done today or not.

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Vikki said...

First off, I didn't know all this about you. So way cool. I love when you write, I'm learning more about you all the time.

Second off, how funny that your mother/daughter meeting turned out to be about prayer. That's what our preacher preached about today. I guess it was just what God sent out this weekend. We all know it's important. But I guess we needed a little more info and a little nudge huh?

I'm so glad y'all have the smaller group. We go to a relatively small church. But we having been going long, we use to go there but didn't like the new minister. They now have a new one and we've returned. It's funny how one person can make such a difference. But if you don't like your preacher then, well you'll just never be comfortable.

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