Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mi Vida Loca

Things have, indeed, been crazy the past few days...

First, an exercise update, since I promised it. I've done well. Wednesday I was able to walk during lunch, for about 20 minutes and felt pretty good doing it. Thursday it was rainy, so no walking. But I rode the exercise bike for about 10 minutes, which was all my back could tolerate. Yesterday, my back was really messed up, and I ended up working for over 15 hours, so ... no exercise. I walked around Wal-Mart at lunch; think that counts? :-)

Now to work and the absolutely frustrating day I had. We had about 140 training books we had to put together. The materials (9 different "chapters" of about 200 pages for each book) did not go to Kinko's for copying until almost 4 p.m. (Is that insanely at the last minute, or what? But that's a whole other can of worms I'm not going to touch today...)

So, two of us (and later a third person) worked steadily from 5:30 -- prepping the binders, organizing the tabs that went between each chapter, then eventually, when we finally got the copies, separating out the chapters and assembling the training books. We had what we thought was a midnight deadline to get the books to the FedEx Distribution Center location out by the Memphis Airport. (Since we're the hub city for FedEx, there are late drop-offs, but this was the latest.) So we are working like mad women, right up until about 11:15. Then boxing up, taping up, making FedEx labels, etc. until about 11:30. My co-worker throws all nine boxes into her SUV and heads for FedEx.

At midnight, I'm pulling into my drive when my cell rings, and it's my co-worker. She is almost crying. Says the deadline was 11:30 p.m., not midnight. My stomach felt like I had been sucker-punched. Oh, s**t. Apparently the cut-off time has changed.'s job is to try to figure out how in the world we're going to get NINE HEAVY BOXES from Memphis to the Northeastern Seaboard by 7:00 a.m. Monday. I don't know if the guy from our office who's flying there Sunday afternoon can schlep NINE HEAVY BOXES with him on the plane...not sure how that's going to work. He'll love that, I'm sure...

On a lighter note, we did order in last night (from Olive Garden). I had the stuffed mushrooms and the mussels in a lemon-wine sauce. Super good and pretty darn low carb! No breadsticks and no pasta...yay!

Gotta work tomorrow (Sunday) so I am going to do my best to try to relax and unwind!


Vikki said...

Bless your little pea picking heart. That's a long frustrating day. I hope the rest of your weekend goes much smoother.

Patty said...

Thank you, my friend! Actually, I spent SIX HOURS at the office today, so this weekend is pretty much shot! Oh well, there's always next weekend!


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