Monday, April 14, 2008

My other "fur baby"

So...I realized that I had bragged on one of my fur babies in my first post, but neglected to show my other one. So, here is Boots, my sweet kitty.

He's very shy, but very sweet. He's a "rescue kitty" from a cat foster home, and it has taken quite awhile for him to settle in and really feel at home. But I think he has and he does now.

I have a new couch, so I need to take some new pictures! Plus, I need to take some, because I want to get a tile made of Boots like I had done of Chance. There's a local artist who does the most wonderful things. Anyway, she did a photo tile of Chance, and it's now on her website ( I want to get one done of Boots, but I want to have a really good picture first.

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