Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's up with this?

Did you see the news item about Us Weekly? Apparently, they offended a lot of their subscribers with their inflammatory caption on the "Sarah Palin issue."

Ya think?

So, in response to what has apparently been an overwhelming number of subscribers saying, "Cancel my subscription," they are offering subscribers five free issues if they will reconsider and keep their subscription.

Compare the Palin cover with the Obama cover. Nah, there's no media bias in this election ... none at all.

I've never written a "political" blog post before ... but I feel very passionate about this election, and Sarah Palin is the reason -- pure and simple.

I can relate to Sarah Palin. Not the Governor of Alaska, but the mom of five kids, a Christian who is pro-life and not ashamed to be, a woman with values and pride in our country and an appreciation of the absolute privilege we have to live in a country that's free. A woman who wants to "drill now" -- not with reckless abandon, but with an eye toward the future that this is necessary and just a part of the ultimate solution. A strong, independent, capable, intelligent woman with morals and principles. I believe in Sarah Palin. And, I hope -- I dearly hope -- that she is our next Vice President.


Wayne said...

Either way you might fall off the fence, those are obviously slanted. That, in itself, is detestable.

Vikki said...

Very well said, and I couldn't agree with you more.
In an ideal world those with true convictions would be running the world. But unfortunately, we don't live in that world, and in this one popular wins! And the press is doing their level best to pick the next president. Let's just hope America is smarter than that. I don't want to get all holier than thou, but you know how I feel about Obama and the disaster that would be.
It's time we had a government that actually remembers what this country stands for. Or at least used too.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

The late geat Time Magazine------oh by the way you have been "Tagged" (lol)

Sue said...

I agree with you totally, the media is soooo biased against Gov.Palin.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Stop by anytime :)

Patty said...

Sue, you have a beautiful family!

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