Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Autumn ... Welcome!

Today is the first day of Autumn and I am so happy to see it arrive. It's been a long, hot summer in the Delta, and cooler temperatures are definitely welcome.

I love fall; it's my favorite time of the year. Even more so than New Year's, to me it's a time for fresh starts. The cool and sometimes foggy mornings are so invigorating. I love sweaters, and soft fleecy clothes. I love fires in the fireplace (wood burning, please). I love big pots of soup or stew simmering on the back of the stove. I love hot tea and hot chocolate, and sitting on the sofa under a throw, reading a good book. Most of all, I love the brilliant colors that the trees put on -- reds and golds, and every shade in between.

We're planning a trip to the mountains next month, and I hope the trees will be at peak fall color. I hope Steve is all better, and that we'll be able to spend the days walking and hiking, and our evenings snuggled in front of the fire. I hold that trip in front of me like a golden talisman ... it represents so much that I want for us: health, relaxation, and a peaceful respite from "the real world." Now if we can just get there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
Thanks for your kind comments on my painting.
Like you, I love autumn. It's such gorgeous season for the painters ! So much glorious shades in the woods and countryside....
I hope your expecting trip will give you a good spirit and a new strenght for your weight battling.
Take care

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

just yet another nice day here in Southern California---we don't get much change of seasons here, and I do miss that----however, have become quite accustomed to the low humidity, warm and mostly clear days we get here. day after day after day----you should hear how we complain when we do get a rainstorm---you'd think the world had ended.

Vikki said...

Hey Girl, I sure am praying that your mountain trip goes as planned, with both you and Steve feeling well, and ready for the trip.
It's funny,the last week of Fall we had 80 degree temps, the first week of Fall, we're right back up in the 90's. Just another fine season change in Texas...giggle

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