Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on hubby

Okay, so we got a call today from the new "super doc" gastroenterologist. Steve's test was positive for gastroparesis, which is when the stomach empties too slowly. He's also fighting some infection of unknown origin. The doc is calling in some medication for the gastroparesis, which concerns me because of the bad side effects that some people encounter. (Apparently, there's only one medicine FDA-approved for this condition, but it has some pretty hairy side effects.)

But I'm trying not to borrow trouble and to just give it a chance and see if the meds will work. I'm fighting some very low spirits and a darkness that seems to have descended in the past few days...


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

it takes to much energy to think negatively---so think positive. Note: by law all medicines have to announce what if any side effects might be affected by the medication, but if ya get a magnifying glass out and read the fine print you will see how small a percentage of patients have those symptoms----so look for him to show improvement don't lay awake looking for bad things----your positive attitude will help him think positive and that helps him to immprove. (you know laughter is good medicine)

Vikki said...

I just so glad they found the reason, but did the super doc give any reason why it just now started making him ill?

I'm with Gary about thinking positively, I know it's not always easy but it will help you both.

You have a reason, you have somewhere to start and above all it's treatable!

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