Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday night ... I'm exhausted!

It's been a rough week. My husband has been really sick and vomiting a lot this week. He missed work Monday, and I sent around an emergency email to everyone in my office asking for a referral to a good, proactive, diagnostic gastroenterologist. One of the partners at my law firm made a call for us (actually several) and got an appointment Thursday (today) with "the best GI doctor in Memphis."

Tuesday, Steve went to work, but he was nauseous all day. Tuesday night was a really bad night. Yesterday morning, he got up and tried to get ready for work, but just couldn't do it. So I put my foot down and said "enough." I called my office and told them I wouldn't be in. I then called the GI's office (nurse's voicemail) and begged them to work him in THAT day. Got a call back from the nurse awhile later and she said she'd talked to the doctor, and we should be there at 1:00.

So, I took him and he got a thorough evaluation. They're running more tests and he got a refill on a nausea med that had worked well for him before. He was still sick last night, but went to work today and I think he's feeling a "little better." I sure hope so. I think if he can get through the night tonight without getting sick, that will be a big, big improvement.

We like this doctor. He's a professor at University of TN College of Medicine as well as a practitioner. He asked great questions and actually listened to Steve's answers. He answered our questions. He told us what tests he wanted to do and why. And, best of all, he committed to us that we WILL figure this out. It's not an easily diagnosed problem; there's no "waving red flag," but he is thinking outside the box, and I believe we'll get answers and Steve will get to feeling better.

Selfishly, I have to say that I'm really tired. My husband is a wonderful partner in helping around the house. He does a lot -- wash after I've cooked, vacuum, dust, even clean the bathroom. But he just hasn't been up to it lately, and so I've been trying to do it all. And it's hard!


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Obviously something is aggravating your Husbands condition---I hope the specialist your seeing comes up with a good answer. I know how tough it can be having to be the care giver for a loved one, as well as maintain ones lifestyle. Keep the faith.

Vikki said...

Sorry Girl,
I'm way behind on all things webwise, including email.
I sure hope Steve is feeling much better with the new prescription and that you get some answers quickly.
Keep us updated!

Christina said...

Hi, Patty, saw you on BloggerTalk and came to check out your site...
a) LOVE the background color!
b) plz update us on your husband's progress...
c) you mentioned hormonal changes [in your profile]...I've been through menopause and I'm telling you, black cohosh is the way to go! It relieved me of hot flashes, drenching night sweats and awful mood swings. It really works for most women. Check w/your doctor, of course, if you're on any meds, tho...

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