Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation plans

Steve and I have been married now for almost nine years. And every single one of those nine years, we have taken a vacation to the beach -- Destin, Panama City, Okaloosa Island, Gulf Shores, Navarre Beach....same beach, different condo!

So, late last summer, we are sitting on the beach, and I ask Steve, "do you think we could go somewhere besides the beach next year on our vacation?" and he says sure. And, wonders never cease...we are actually planning a vacation that doesn't include sand!

Actually, we're planning a fall vacation to the mountains of North Carolina. We're going the third week of October (prime leaf season, I hope), and we just booked a small cabin. It's remote, but close to a town, and definitely out in nature. We like to hike (okay, actually Steve loves to hike, and I ... try.) But the pictures look absolutely glorious, and we are so excited to be doing something different. There's a fireplace and a hot tub and...it's going to be so fun!

But...October is a l-o-n-g way off, and I know we're going to be ready for a break long before that. So we're planning a fun long weekend in June with our best friends to (can you believe it?) the mountains in Northern Arkansas! When we decide to try the mountains, we try the mountains! :-)

Our friend's parents live up there, so he and his wife and son can go and stay with them. They've told us about a neat B&B, so we're going to look into staying there. Which is so cool in itself. We've never stayed at a B&B; always wanted to, though.

So I am totally excited about our two trips coming up. We don't travel often, so it's a big deal for me...


Vikki said...

Oh Patty how fun! We've been up to Hot Springs, AK during the fall and it's so lovely. We went on up to Eureka (Sp?) Falls the first time, but that was in September.

The Ozarks are awful pretty. I hope you get a chance to see the Passion Play while your there. It's absolutely magnificent! When we were there long many years ago, you set under the star and watched Christ last days played out before and it was so overwhelming. I found myself praying that it wouldn't turn out they way I knew it would. Goofy me but it's very emotional.

Have fun and remember No need for you kini this year! :o)

Patty said...

I'm super excited about it. We're going to a beautiful little town I've never been to before, but it's not close to Eureka Springs, so I'll miss the Passion Play. I've heard how wonderful it is, though...

It is a VERY good thing that I have no need for a "kini"...to tell you the truth, I can't really imaging having a need for one!


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