Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love is in the air...

I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner last night. Not that big a deal, right? After all, it's the time of year when love blooms and weddings are a common occurrence. But this one was unusual.

The bride is a beautiful woman, physically, very fit and trim with a lovely face and an equally lovely spirit. She's quiet and a little reserved, but has a ready smile and a wonderful personality. She's never been married. The groom (although I only met him recently) seems to be a very kind, soft-spoken man, quick to make a joke and laugh. He's a widower.

They're a lovely couple. They're also 70 and 65 years old, respectively. How cool is that??

I can't imagine being 70 years old and taking the plunge into marriage for the first time. That takes a lot of courage. And a lot of love.

I'm so happy for them, and I wish them nothing but happiness and joy, and many fine years together. Today is their the big day, and it's a beautiful, clear, sunny day...a perfect wedding day. I can't wait to see the bride walk down the aisle, and I hope her day is everything she's dreamed about and more.


Vikki said...

That is absolutely the coolest thing ever!
I wish them both the "bestest" of luck!
Have a wonderful,weekend.

Patty said...

I'm glad you think it is, too, Vikki. I just got back from the wedding, and it was beautiful, and simple, and very sweet.

Vikki said...

You know even as a young teen age girl, when we had to plan out our weddings in Home & Family. I wanted a simple wedding. Nothing fancy. Now if I were to ever get married, I think just a nice dress and maybe a simply bouquet would do just fine. If everyone I knew didn't drop dead from shock. Then a simple cake, not one of those fancy schmancy 7 foot tall monstrosities. And of course it would have to be low carb...giggle
I hope your head gets to feeling better. Well I'm having another hot flash and I'm thinking maybe a cold shower might help.
Hugs, my friend and feel better soon!

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