Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snow peas!

I have recently rediscovered snow peas. I love them! Today at lunch I had tuna salad/lettuce rollups and fresh veggies (red pepper strips, cucumber slices, and snow peas) with ranch dressing. Yummmmmm. The veggies were so crisp and sweet...really good.

So, the rest of today's food is:

2 cups of coffee with sf Coffee Mate and stevia

3 deviled egg halves

lunch as described above

1 Diet Coke with Splenda

2 pieces of coconut flax bread

savoy steak

1/4 cup of black-eyed peas

2 tomato slices

lots of water

Today is day #4 of freedom from aspartame. I'm almost afraid to say it, but I think I'm feeling a little better -- a little more energy and a little more clear headedness (is that a word?)

I finished the Mercola book and it was a very worthwhile read. He suggests that if you're not sure that aspartame has made you feel bad, to go off of it for an extended period of time -- say a month. Then, pick one day and add it back in a significant amount (like a Nutra-Sweetened drink, then later some sweetened food, maybe some sf gum w/aspartame) and see how you feel. So that sounds like a plan to me. I'll plan on doing that. And I'll post how I feel when I do...


Vikki said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. Snow peas huh? I will have to try it.

Patty said...

Hey girl,

Yep, snow peas ROCK. I feel healthy just eating crisp and fresh.

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