Thursday, May 8, 2008

I blew it today ...

Hoo has not been good. Not that it excuses anything, but I'll say up front that today has been a very stressful day. And, my hormones seem to be doing something funky...and I know, I's not an excuse. I'm just saying...

So, here's me being accountable (all of a sudden that seems like a dirty word). As you'll see, I started out fine and had every intention of doing fine all day.

3 cups of coffee with sf Coffee Mate and Sweetzfree

Strawberry Dannon Carb Control yogurt

Spinach salad with green pepper, tomato, onion, shredded carrot, and cucumber, topped with a black bean spicy burger, and oil/vinegar dressing

3 or 4 mini sf chocolates

4 cans of Coke Zero!!

1 bag of Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins "chips" == 18 CARBS IN THE BAG

1 bowl oatmeal with 3 pieces of bacon -- what can I say, I got home late and wanted something fast and figured, you know what...I've already blown it...might as well go ahead.

And that's it. (Ha...that's it, get it? As in, that's all I ate...not much at all.)

I just can't believe I did this appetite has just been ravenous. I had to work a couple hours late, and took my boxes down the FedEx dropbox in our basement, which sits - you guessed it - right next to the snack machine. Those stupid chips just screamed my name. And did I keep right on walking? Neeoouuu, I did not!

It just sucks, that's all I can say. This day in general, and my food choices for sure...

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