Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Remembering Barbara

I've been thinking about my sister this week. Barbara's birthday was May 19th, and she died in a house fire last summer.

Barbara was special, on more than one level. She was born deaf, so that made her "different". But the most outstanding part of her was her capacity to love. She was the most loving person I've ever known. She loved everyone...literally everyone.

Barbara was a happy person for the most part. Sure, she had her moments when she would be sad, cry, get frustrated. But overwhelmingly, she was a happy person and content with her life.

Barbara was sort of our family historian. She kept up with everyone's birthdays, including how old you were! I could always count on getting a birthday card from her. After Steve and I married, he could always count on getting a birthday card from her too.

My other sister picked out Barbara's grave marker, and I think it perfectly summed up her life. Besides the name, dates of birth and death, it simply says "She loved Jesus". And she did. And I know - I firmly believe - that she's in heaven right now, and her hearing is perfect. I know I'll see her again.

Barbara, I love you and I miss you.


Vikki said...

That was beautiful! I hope some day some one remembers me so sweetly. I really wish I had gotten to know her. She sounds like a wonderful person.

Hugs, and I'm glad you has someone so special in your life.

Patty said...

Hugs right back to you, my friend.

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