Monday, July 21, 2008

Favorite songs...

Okay, I'm going to date myself, probably, but can I just say that my favorite song in the whole world is "Love Shack" by the B-52s? That song just makes me happy. I've got it as a ringtone on my phone. I also have "Isn't She Lovely?" by Stevie Wonder and "Sweet Home Alabama" by Leonard Skynard as ringtones. Good songs, all of them.

Some other of my all-time favorites are:

Ob-la-de Ob-la-da (Beatles)
Up on the Roof (James Taylor) -- really, practically every JT song could be on this list
From a Distance (Bette Midler) -- I adore her voice
Ride Like the Wind (Christopher Cross) -- this takes me back to college days
Morning Train (Sheena Easton)
Rainy Day People (Gordon Lightfoot)
Get Here (Oleta Adams)
Sweet Love (Anita Baker) -- okay, pretty much anything Anita Baker sings
This is Me You're Talking To (Trisha Yearwood) -- I LOVE her voice
Peaceful Easy Feelin' (Eagles) -- I flash back to high school days
If This is It (Huey Lewis and the News) -- okay, I admit it...I went through this period of time where I was absolutely obsessed with Huey Lewis.

And so many more. It's funny how a song can absolutely transport you back to a time and place. For example, you know the Glen Campbell song "Wichita Lineman"? When I hear it, I am taken back to my childhood, actually to a Saturday morning at the local laundromat, with my mom doing laundry, and that song coming over the radio. I can close my eyes and smell the dryers venting out clean warm air and hear the clothes thump-thumping as they rolled around and around.

Then, the song "Roller Coaster" by Ohio Players (not that I ever hear that anymore) -- it takes me back to spending the night with my best girlfriend in high school ... sitting on her bed and listening to music and giggling and talking for hours and hours at a stretch.

I love how emotional music is for me. A song can make me cry. Or laugh. Or wax nostalgic in a blog!

Have a good evening. And listen to a favorite old song...just for the fun of it!


Niki said...

OMG, MEMORIES!!! I love a lot of those songs too. And now I can't get "Morning Train" out of me!!! Thanks for the great memories!!!


Vikki said...

I love your song picks. As I read though your list the songs were all songs were playing in my head.

The Eagles are one of my all time favorites. So now be honest, how many of those old albums did you find on cd and replace? I've got way more than I care to admit.

And I'm with you on LS version of Sweet Home Alabama.

Patty said...

Niki - Sorry, girl! I didn't mean to get that song "stuck" in your head...I hate it when that happens! :-))

Vikki - Steve is the one who loves to replace the old albums with CDs. I'm just guilty of downloading my favorite singles from iTunes -- it's easier!

Yep...LS rocks!


Rose DesRochers said...

I love The Rose by Bette.

Patty said...

Hmmm, Rose...wonder why you would love that song in particular? :-) Just kidding, I love that song, too. I love all the songs, too, from the "Beaches" soundtrack...Under the Boardwalk, The Glory of Love, and that wonderful duet she did, "I Know You By Heart." Gorgeous...

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