Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Flour/No Sugar

So, tomorrow I am embarking on a new eating plan – the No Flour/No Sugar plan. As much flour and sugar as I have had in the past few months, surely I will lose weight cutting it out!

I’m kind of excited, and I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing. I have been doing some reading and research on what sort of things I can and can’t have, and I’ll be sharing that information as well.

More to come.


Oct said...

Best of luck on your no flour/no sugar plan! That sounds a lot like low carb (which is what I'm doing). It really works and isn't that difficult once you learn how to cook for it. Great to meet you, I think I've seen you around the dieting community recently. Maybe on Vikki's blog? :)

Rosie said...

Good Luck with your new plan.

Vikki said...

Hey Girl,
Your going to have to give me some info on your new plan...giggle I need to know these things :o)

I so hope it works for you and makes cooking for you and Steve so much easier.


Anonymous said...

My gym teacher in University used to call that the "no white sh*t" plan. LOL She encouraged all us girls to follow that. She swore by it.

Thanks for 'following' my blog, look for your personal message today on my blog. <3

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

there are a zillion diets out there that promise you to lose weight. I say, whatever diet works for ya go with it---my own diet plan is simple and saves me money too---simply keep no snacking foods of any kind in the house to eat---all food in the house requires being defrosted, or coooked for some meaningful amount of time-----hey it works for me!! (lol)

Patty said...

Thanks, October, for your well wishes. I've definitely seen you on Vikki's blog - she's my best pal! Continued success to you, too, on your low carb way of life!

Rosie -- thank you! I hope, hope, hope this works well for me.

Hey V --
Well, it's going to make my cooking a lot healthier than it has been for the past several months, that's for sure! I'll keep you updated.

Sadiekat, that's a good term for what I've been eating......lots and lots of white sh*t. :-) I'm heading to your blog from here.

Gary, that's a great plan! I would definitely lose weight if I held to that plan.

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