Saturday, November 1, 2008

Soft Foods 101

Steve has been limited to a soft-foods diet (no bread or meat), which has been a bit of a challenge to me, in terms of keeping it interesting and varied.

His favorite breakfast is two scrambled eggs, so I haven’t tried to change that. I made him oatmeal one morning, but he didn’t eat much of it, and, even though it didn't seem thick to me, I think maybe the consistency wasn’t thin enough for him. [Note to self: make oatmeal thinner next time!] Anyway, I feel good about him getting the protein, so I haven’t pushed him to try anything else as long as he’s happy with eggs. I did buy him a small box of Cream of Wheat, though, just in case he wants something different.

I bought convenience foods he could easily make for lunches and dinners, especially when I go back to work. For example, a meal might consist of Veg-All, very soft-cooked macaroni and cheese, and some Dole pears. Or, creamed spinach (Stouffer’s), creamed corn, and applesauce. Or, mashed potatoes, LeSeur peas, and tropical fruit cocktail. I bought a veggie lasagna and cooked it until it was falling apart-soft, and he and I both have enjoyed that. He also requested Blue Bunny Banana Split ice cream, so I got that, and he’ll have a very small dish of that once every day or two. He’s still drinking the Gatorade, and I’m glad for that because I think he can use all the nutrients he can get. I want to try beans and rice, but I think I'll give him another week or so more before we go there -- I'm so afraid to stress his stomach, and beans might do that ... although they would be such a good source of protein, and I know he really needs that...

I worry that when I go back to work Monday that he’ll just putter around and not really fix himself anything. I’ve got the frig stocked with all sorts of things, as well as practically every kind of Campbell Soup they make, and I want him to eat as balanced a diet as possible. But I know he’ll have what he wants – whatever looks good to him at the time. But it’s just so good to see him eat, I can’t even tell you…

Overall, he’s making good progress and seems to be getting a little stronger every day.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

for snacks you might want to try the jello puddings,that are sized for lunch boxes for kids, apple sauce, bread puddings maybe? cream soups perhaps with dumplings. I suspect he will out of sheer boredom quickly be trying different things and start nibbling on the "harder" foods to break out of any flavor rut he feels he is in. time will tell. (hey, howabout lemon meringue pie?)

Vikki said...

I'm so glad he's doing well. And he's doing much better after less than a week of being at home than I was afraid he would. I know he still has a way to go, but puttering is a good thing.

You know I think you've got plenty on hand and your right he will eat whatever looks good. I think the soups are a great choice, cream soups made with milk will help with the protein too.
I think Gary had a good idea bout the jello and pudding. You could even freeze some of the pudding cups with a stick inserted for freezer pops. Or just mix up a box and just keep in the fridge for when he wants some.

Can he have protein powder? YOu could mix up/ or he could some smoothies in your blender. I made up some and sent them to the nursing home for mom while she was in rehab. after her hip replacement. All they needed was to be shaken and they would last for a couple of days.

I used yogurt, berries, protein powder, sweetener and milk. It was a good way to get some fruit and protein in her. The junk they served her for meals there had her bgl up over 200 all the time.
Just a thought.

Hope you enjoy your weekend,

Patty said...

Oh yes, we have the snack-sized puddings, Jell-o, and applesauce. No bread least not yet.

Yum, lemon meringue pie... :-)

Patty said...

He hasn't had any soups this week, but I've been here cooking for him. I figure next week he'll have some soups for lunch, since they're so easy. We've still got some sugar-free popsicles (we usually keep some on hand) and he's one or two of those. But he's really enjoying his banana split ice cream.

I don't know why he couldn't have protein powder, but he's still got Ensure, and he likes it, so hopefully he'll finish up those before they go bad (I hate wasting money!) He doesn't like yogurt.

Thanks for the great ideas.

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