Saturday, August 23, 2008

A case of the blahs...

I've been feeling pretty "bleah" the past few days. My sweet husband is not feeling any better. We should buy stock in Pepto Bismal... I called his doctor yesterday (demanded to speak to him, more like) and basically "cleaned his plow" as we so charmingly say here in the south. I'd had it. We'd been waiting four days for him to call, Steve had called more than once and spoken with his nurse, who had promised she would give the doctor the message and have him return the call.

So anyway, I expressed my concern over the quality of his "care" and pretty much just gave him a piece of my mind (like I had one to spare...) for, oh, a good 10 minutes, give or take. (Need I say, this had been building up inside me?) He gave some half-assed excuse that he did call one day, but didn't leave a message due to HIPAA regulations. To which I replied, let's just go on the record and say, PLEASE feel free to leave a message on Steve's cell phone or our home phone (DUH). Funny that a strange number didn't show up on our caller ID for either phone that day...

Anyway, after speaking with me, he hung up and immediately called Steve. Bottom line is, he called in some new meds for the weekend and Steve now has an appointment Monday morning at 8:15 for an ultrasound. They're going to look at his gallbladder. Hmm.......wasn't that one of the first things we asked about?

Anyway, with Steve not eating and me feeling like I'm living inside a pressure cooker these days, my eating has just gone to hell in a handbasket. I've eaten things this week that have not passed these lips in well over a year... During a very long, drawn-out, intense full day of meetings on Wednesday, I got the shakes about mid-afternoon. It wasn't appropriate for me to leave the room, so I got up and got a Sprite (real, mind you -- not Diet), popped it open and drank it. The shakes went away, and I felt better within 10 minutes. I know that was a low blood sugar issue, but the reason for it in the first place was the junk I'd put into my system earlier that day. Carbage makes me sick...

Oh, and on the "iron supplementation" front ....... when they tell you that liquid iron does not constipate you ....... they lie. I am in a vicious cycle that I won't elaborate on (you're welcome), but let's just say it's not pretty and leave it at that. I'm very frustrated and ill over it. It's basically come down I want to have some energy, or do I want to have a bowel movement? Pick one.

Okay....Saturday morning bitchfest is now officially over. Have a nice day, and I'll try to do the same.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Dear Patty, ---and why should YOUR life not have bumps in it to like everybody else's?---YOU are Steve's care giver--you can't be his care giver if YOUR HEALTH isn't up to it. First rule:
Take care of Patty, ---THEN take care of the Baby (or in this case Steve)---any airline hostess knows these rules, coure they are talking about oxygen masks, but the principle is still true. Sounds like you got things more or less under control, just remember the above -------

Patty said...

G -- You're right, of course. But that doesn't mean I have to LIKE those bumps..... ;-)

Thanks for reminding me of the rules, I won't forget.

Vikki said...

Pattycake, you need to breath. I swear you wrote that whole post in one breath...giggle I can feel the tension and stress. So my dear I'm sending you some breathing exercises for you to practice.

Now, I've told you before but I will say it again, your my hero. Will you lend me your uber powered, ultra ninja, Doctor butt kinking shoes? Mom has more than a few doctors that need some Plows cleaned.

I've got you and Steve both in my prayers.

Patty said...

Vikki, you crack me up, girl.

Yep, we'll just share the doctor butt-kicking shoes ... pass them back and forth as needed.


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