Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unpacking and settling in

I’d never make it as a mover …

So, we’re in the new house and out of the old house. We even closed on the old house yesterday (yay!), so we’re done with that.

There are still quite a few boxes, but a lot more that are empty than full now. My kitchen is fully functional and stocked, and I have been enjoying cooking and puttering around there. I’ve been learning to cook with electric on a glass cooktop. I’d been spoiled with gas for the last 12 years in my house. We still have no pictures on the wall and no decorations out to speak of – haven’t even opened most of those boxes yet.

We have a screened-in porch, which we’re very excited about and we just bought a patio set for that room, so we can enjoy evenings outside but away from the mosquitoes.

We have the guest room and the study about 75% and 90% done, respectively. We haven’t made much progress in our bedroom, though. Still got a ways to go!

My muscles have gotten a good, hard workout – much more than I typically get, and after several days where I could barely walk in the morning, it’s a lot better. I’ve taken Chance for several walks around our new neighborhood – which he loves, and which is good for me, too.

My goal is to finish the house and then keep up with a good level of physical activity. Actually, just having a house this size will up my activity – what with cleaning and such. Anyway, we’re enjoying our new digs, and I’ll post more soon.


Vikki said...

How cool is that! Sounds like you've made great progress. Having your kitchen up in running is the hard part. The rest you can relax and take your time with to make sure you get it like you want. I've had electric for 30 years and still miss gas. So how many things have you burned because electric still cooks after you turn it off? giggle We burned everything we we first moved here.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the new digs!
Hugs and blessings,

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

knowing yhour old place "closed" makes it a done deal. Having all your boxes inside your new place, gives one a secure feeling as well. as for unpacking, take your time, enjoy those evenings in the lanai (screened in room), grow accustomed to your new surroundings, check out the natural light mornings, afternoos and early evenings, then you can decorate to your hearts content. Congratulations on completing your move------(lol)

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