Friday, May 15, 2009

Rosacea - what works for me

I have rosacea, which I’d say is about 90% controlled at most times. However, about once or twice a year, I used to get horrible flare-ups, which are embarrassing at best and quite painful at worst. In general, I have very dry, very sensitive skin.

Having tried many OTC and prescription treatments with varying degrees of success but no overwhelming front runner, almost a year ago I found myself in the midst of yet another awful flare. It was very painful and very embarrassing. If you suffer from this problem, I know you understand what I mean.

In my medicine cabinet at the time, I had Metrogel Cream (prescription), a sulfur-based cream (prescription), Oracea (prescription antibiotic), and other various OTC creams, soaps, salves, etc. However, at the worst of the flare – none of these products helped; in fact, it was downright painful to put anything at all on my face. I’d had some success from using organic coconut oil straight from the jar, but for some reason, it seemed to have lost its effectiveness for me.

In desperation, I decided to try a product I’d seen someone comment about on a rosacea forum I occasionally visited. It’s made by PEL Naturals -- Redness & Blemish Control. I also either bought or got free a sample size of their Super-Rich Moisturizer. Wow! From the first time I put on the moisturizer, my skin felt so much better – soothed, softer, not inflamed… After my skin was calmed down, I was able to start using the Redness & Blemish Control, and in only a few days, these products made a huge difference in my skin. The stuff is made with emu oil, along with a bunch of other natural oils and extracts. It has no artificial ingredients at all. I’ve continued using it since that time and continue to be very pleased with the results.

Now, I’m certainly not saying these products will work the same for everyone who tries them, but I have been so happy with my results, I thought I would make this post for anyone else who wanted to give them a try.

Like I said at the beginning of my post, my rosacea now stays pretty much under control. I have some bumps under the skin that don’t ever come to the surface but basically don’t ever go away. It’s more of something I can feel with my fingers, rather than something I see in the mirror. If I notice any redness coming up, I try to up my use of the products from once a day to twice, and it stops the redness from spreading or becoming noticeable.

Here’s a website if you’re interested.

I don’t work for PEL, nor do I receive any sort of commission from them – like I said, I just thought I’d share my two cents worth in hopes that it might help someone else.


Vikki said...

I'm so glad you finally found something that works. I know how much pain it has caused you in the past. I hope it continues to work it's magic,

Roger Owen Green said...

Not the same, but I have vitiligo. It bugged me a lot and I burn easily, but I'm coping.

Patty said...

Roger, I had to look up vitiligo, but once I read the definition, I knew exactly what it was. I'm sorry; it can't be any fun... I have to stay out of the sun for the most part as well.

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