Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Here are some more photos of my Christmas season.

Chance got two new toys for Christmas, and here they are:

Here's a shot of our tree on Christmas Eve -- lots of presents just waiting to be opened:

Steve collects airplanes (WWII) and I gave him this Italian Airforce Messerschmidt:

I collect nativity scenes, so here are a couple of mine:

And finally, we went over to Steve's sister's house Christmas morning and spent part of the day with their family. Since I don't have permission to post pictures of them, I will show you a shot of their sweet, sweet dog, Jasper, who is 13 years old:

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and that you got to spend it with those you love.

More later!


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Ive been trying to post pics of MY xmas day for two days, but have lost control of my life. What between neighbors stopping over, my realtor coming in and me trying to get stuff boxed up-----Monday the 4-sale sign goes up out front, tuesday the house will appear in the Multiple listings, the following sunday is a planned open house------look out here come all the lookee-loo's---(sob!) I like those nativities sets you have, and the xmas morning shot was great too

Patty said...

Gary, I'll look forward to seeing your pictures - whenever you get the chance to post them. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the right buyer to find your house ... at your asking price!

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