Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Okay...here we go

I've been wanting to start a blog, and so here we go, with the first post. I'm sitting on the couch watching American Idol and so -- what better time to multi-task and post a blog entry? :-)

So...I've been eating low carb for almost nine months. I've lost about 45 pounds, and have about that much to lose again. My losing has slowed w-a-y down since Christmas...pretty much come to a standstill. But...while I'm not "cheating" in that I'm not eating high carb foods, I am snacking way too much and eating too many sugar alcohols. Ah yes, the dreaded S.A.'s...I can eat them with no problem, gastrically-speaking, but the carb creep does occur.

I'm a legal assistant by day, with a very busy and demanding job, that luckily, I like almost all the time and hardly ever hate, and sometimes love. Married to a great guy, Steve, for eight years with two babies in fur: Chance and Boots. This is a picture of my bad baby boy, Chance.

Okay, enough of laying my life out on the table for one night. More soon...

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